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Dust Free High Fibre Haylage
Dust Free
Quality Haylage From Quality Grass
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MainBale Haylage is a High Fibre Haylage with low – moderate levels of both energy and protein.
This is achieved by allowing the grass to mature out in the field before mowing and harvesting.
MainBale Haylage is suitable for feeding to a wide range of horses from native ponies – riding club horses through to competition horses.

Each bale is densely compressed, the dimensions of MainBale being one of the largest on the market contain high volumes of haylage; this should provide enough forage for the average 500kg horse for 3 – 4 days. (Depending on circumstances)

MainBale Haylage is a Dust Free Forage; it is by far more nutritious than dry or soaked hay. The concentrate portion of your horses’ diet could be reduced when feeding Haylage compared to hay.
As MainBale Haylage is low in both energy and protein it should not make your horse Fizzy as other brands of haylage can do.

The MainBale package is a densely compressed bale sealed into a thick durable plastic bag.
The densely compressed bales are easy to stack and handle, the shelf life of the MainBale package has been greatly increased when compared to plastic wrapped bales due to the higher density inside.

We have invested in a new packaging facility to produce the MainBale package. This project is supported under the England rural development program by the department for environment food and rural affairs (DEFRA) and the European agricultural guidance and guarantee fund.